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EVAS Sales – Conversational E-Commerce & Live Shopping Platform

EVAS Sales is a Conversational E-Commerce & Live Shopping Platform.
A new way for vendors to engage customers visually, delivering the power of PERSUASION through personal interaction, like the real-world consultative sales experience.
Retailers can boost conversion rates 10x or more by guiding customers along their shopping journeys, augmenting their opinions about products and influencing their decision to buy – the missing piece of modern e-commerce

Easily embedded into websites, EVAS Sales provides:

Unique virtual meeting spaces for pre-sales, sales, and post sales live interactions

Virtual showrooms for live marketing events

Dynamic A-Z branding for any number of sales channels and websites

Smart routing rules for multiple sales teams, sessions, work hours, and other conditions

Advanced customer and sales analytics

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Live Streaming Platform
PHP, Laravel, iOS, Android, VUE.js, AWS
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