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We craft educational software for every need

We help our clients in K-12, postsecondary, and corporate segments to redefine the way they teach, learn, communicate, and operate. EdTech startups and educational software companies, in turn, use our eLearning software development expertise to win the market with next-gen features that drive online education way forward.

EdTech and eLearning companies
We can fill in the skills gap in your knowledge-intensive project and enrich your eLearning software with AI-driven data analytics, natural language processing, teleconferencing, as well as augmented and virtual reality capabilities to attract more customers with stellar functionality and user experience
Colleges and universities
Along with educational technology consulting services, we craft innovative educational software solutions from scratch, so that you can attract the right students, personalize learning materials, optimize daily operations, and tap into useful insights about the school’s academic performance
Corporations and nonprofits
We can enhance your existing learning management software or develop a corporate eLearning solution from scratch. We deep dive into the specifics of your business and tailor our eLearning solutions to match them, supporting your corporate training programs with the right tech
Building upon an extensive eLearning
software development know-how
Applying our expertise in providing EdTech and eLearning software development services and setting up security safeguards regarding student data management, we help you make knowledge delivery instant, engaging, and intuitive while ensuring compliance with FERPA, COPPA, CIPA, GLBA, and other relevant standards.
Back-end development
We are well-versed in custom web development, cloud computing, and DevOps, as well as data acquisition, management, and analysis, and deliver functional and high-performing educational software solutions that run without glitches
Front-end development
We craft all kinds of interfaces, including cloud dashboards, voice interfaces, as well as educational web and mobile apps, so you can reach out to more learners with highly accessible and easy-to-use software
Reliable integration
We focus on creating coherent learning environments and connect your education technology solutions with other applications and devices within your IT infrastructure, as well as third-party tools and service
End-to-end software testing
We build visualizations that tell stories in a simple way, enabling informed decision-making and solid ad-hoc data analysis. Take your next big step forward with AR/VR or voice assistants that will deliver convenient access to all of your data
Unleashing the benefits
of tech-assisted learning
Driven by the COVID-19 crisis, education has tapped in radical transformation. With distance learning sparking public interest in educational innovations, EdTech will continue to reshape the way we teach and learn. Now, it’s the perfect time for educational institutions to take the first step toward digital transformation and start enjoying the improvements it ignites
Communication technologies
Leveraging live chats, IP telephony, and videoconferencing, we offset the lack of in-person interaction and make learning more accessible
We make sure the tech-savvy students of today stay focused and interested with gamified features smoothly integrated into your educational software
Media streaming
We enrich our educational apps with audio- and video streaming components supported by flexible and resilient cloud content delivery networks and real-time communication techs
Artificial intelligence
Taking advantage of AI for education, we help you derive insights from academic data, keep digital-first students engaged with personalized learning plans, and free up educators’ time for meaningful interactions
Augmented and virtual reality
Take advantage of VR and AR solutions for headsets and mobile phones and tap in comprehensive data visualizations, intelligent simulations of real-world experiences, and immersive learning scenarios
Cross-platform availability
We make sure our eLearning solutions are accessible anytime and from any device, tailoring them to run in browsers and on multiple desktop and mobile operating systems
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